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Pettitt and Boo Academy

Welcome to the P&B Academy!

Providing comprehensive consultancy for our customers, that is based on sound, reliable research and understanding of pet care, is a pillar of our business. It is important that all staff have a comprehensive knowledge of our core business of canine nutrition and that we all provide a unified response to the regular questions that we are asked. 

Please work through all of the modules below, and then complete the quiz (COMING SOON) to ensure you have understood all information provided. You can complete the quiz as many times as you need.

More modules and training opportunities will be added to this list as research and development into pet nutrition and care continues. 

Module 1 Basics of Raw Feeding
Module 2
Pet Foods: Understanding Ingredients & Manufacturing
Module 3
Canine Digestive Process and Enzymes
Module 4
Legislation and PFMA - COMING SOON
Module 5
Feeding Cats - COMING SOON
Module 6
RAW DIY vs Completes - COMING SOON
Module 7
Brands We Stock & Their Features - COMING SOON
Module 8
Non-Raw Feeding Options - COMING SOON
Module 9
Additional Ingredients and Supplements - COMING SOON
Module 10
Allergies & Intolerances - COMING SOON
Module 11
Sources, Research and Veterinary Opinion - COMING SOON