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Nutriment Formula RAW Core Range

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Nutriment’s core range is an enhanced raw formula, created to meet all the nutritional requirements of your dog. Made entirely from fresh meat, vegetables and valuable superfoods, it offers a highly digestible, flavourful and energy dense food, full of essential amino acids, vitamins and dietary macronutrients.

A full-grown adult dog should be fed around 2-3% of the dog’s ideal body weight per day, ideally spread over two meals. If your dog needs to lose some weight, try feeding slightly less than this quantity, or switch to a meat with a lower fat content, until the ideal weight has been achieved. Don’t forget that exercise is essential too!

If your dog has been eating the same protein every day for months or years, there is a good chance he or she may develop an allergy to it.  Contrary to popular belief, dogs need diversity in their diets just like humans do – so don’t be afraid to mix up your usual order a bit and give your dog some variety!

Buy any 8x Nutriment 1.4kg chubbs and get £3.00 off!

Discount is applied at checkout. Offer valid on all 1.4kg Nutriment Chubbs, including Tripe and Low Purine. This offer was suspended during lockdown due to supply concerns, but we are delighted to be able to offer this great deal again!

Available in a range of flavours including Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Duck, Lamb, Rabbit, Venison with Chicken and Boneless Beef.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lucy Williams

Our dogs love this food, they’ve had it for years. Good for their sensitive tummies and always get good advice.
Great and honest service. Thank you

Laura Lomsargyte
Labrador pup didn’t like it!

My fussy pup didn’t like the food and it gave him runny poos!

Claire Kirkcaldy
Lexie the BOXER - More great expectations and we are seeing SKIN improvements - YEAH!

Thank you to Ali & Alistair, purchased the RAW menu again this month and will continue, Lexie our Boxer is so enjoying and is gaining weight slowly, her skin condition is improving. We are expectant of further improvements to her whole health (without steroids) and wellbeing on the Nutriment Supplement and Natures RAW food + RAW treats recommended, currently, she’s very happy

Diana Duckett
Molly the Bulldog

The range has everything in it that Molly needs.She has recently gone into the raw food and loves it.Her favourites are Just Duck, and has just had Venison and chicken and it was gone as soon as I put it down.

rita rossi de gasperis
Happy dog

My dog loves your products.I have bought the raw chicken and turkey food.she cannot wait to rush back after our walk and somehow has started howling if I am far behind her as she is so excited and cannot wait