Make the Switch!

Are you feeding Bella & Duke?

YES! It's true that you can feed a great quality raw dog food to your dog for 34% cheaper* than feeding Bella & Duke!

Are you a loyal Bella and Duke customer, or perhaps you've been curious about the benefits of raw dog food for your beloved pet? We'd like to introduce you to a selection of fantastic alternatives, such as Natural Instinct, Nutriment and Paleo Ridge.

At Pettitt and Boo, we understand the importance of providing the highest quality, nutritious meals for your four-legged family members. These products are available at our four Norfolk shops, or you can use our fast local-delivery service.

Why Choose Pettitt and Boo?

1. Unbeatable Savings
We know you value both quality and affordability. That's why we're thrilled to share that Natural Instinct is over 34% cheaper than Bella and Duke. You don't have to compromise your pet's nutrition to save money. Our products offer exceptional value without sacrificing quality. Even better, we have selected this example as a close comparison to the Bella & Duke range, but there are other options and brands which have even BIGGER savings!

 Brand Price per day*
Natural Instinct - Natural Chicken £1.28
Nutriment Core Range - Chickenˆ £1.52
Natural Instinct Working Dog - Chickenˆ £1.19
Paleo Ridge Essentials - Chicken/Lamb/Turkey/Pork/Beefˆ £1.46
Bella & Duke Premium Complete


2. Recyclable and Resealable Tubs

The packaging from most of the brands we stock is convenient. Our recyclable and resealable tubs help reduce waste and keep your pet's meals fresh. It's a win-win for your furry friend and the planet! The Bella & Duke tubs don't have a lid, which can be frustrating if you need to store surplus food in the fridge. 

3. A Close Comparison to Bella and Duke
We understand that change can be daunting, especially when it comes to your pet's diet. Natural Instinct Raw Dog Food is a very close comparison to the Bella and Duke range. If you have any questions about transitioning to a different brand of raw, please do speak to a member of our team who will be able to give you expert advice that is tailored for your pet. 

So what are the differences?
All the examples in the table above are based on the same core ingredient; Meat. Our table focuses on PRICE COMPARISONS, but there are some other differences that could be considered: 

  • Packaging 
    Bella & Duke has a pull-back plastic wrap on the top of the product, whereas all of the products detailed in the table above are sold in resealable tubs/packaging. Much better to keep fresh in the fridge!
  • Superfoods 
    All of the foods in the table above include a great selection of superfoods, which provide your dog with the additional vitamins and minerals that they need for a complete diet. Unfortunately, the Bella & Duke ingredient list on their website just states 'Seasonal Vegetables and Berries' so we cannot make direct comparisons unless Bella and Duke chose to clearly state the full list. We can however tell you the full ingredients in all of the foods that we reference in the table. Just click the link below to view each product on our website.
  • Product Presentation/'Chunkiness' 
    Some products are a bit chunkier or coarser than others. It is down to the manufacturer to select the type of grinding plate that they use when mincing the meat content. Bella and Duke is comparable to both Natural Instinct and Nutriment, whereas Paleo Ridge products tend to be slightly chunkier. 
  • Delivery
    Bella and Duke only offer a delivery service, whereas with Pettitt and Boo, you can either have the raw food delivered to your chosen address from just £3.95, or you can select our FREE 'Click and Collect' option from one of our stores. 

Make the switch to raw food at Pettitt and Boo today and experience the benefits of premium nutrition at a fraction of the cost. 

Visit one of our Norfolk shops or explore our online store to find the perfect meal plan for your furry companion. 


 *Based on a 13kg adult dog requiring 333g per day. Comparison based on Bella & Duke Chicken Premium Raw and Natural Instinct ‘Natural Raw’ range in Chicken. These are both Non-Working Dog (pet) foods. Please speak to a member of the team about precise differences in the products. Price comparison correct 16th July 2023. 

ˆThese products are non-VAT Working Dog Foods. The composition is still comparable to the Bella & Duke Working Dog Food equivalent.