Meet the Team

    Our staff are at the heart at what we do. That's why we built the Pettitt and Boo Academy.

    The P&B Academy is a comprehensive staff training programme, that builds upon our teams qualifications and experience. It ensures we always give correct, research-led advice to our customers. 

    We're a fab team! We are all passionate animal lovers, dedicated to offering pet owners great advice and support. Here's some info about us...

    Name: Adrian & Ali Pettitt
    Pets: Mika & Shiro, Winners of the award for 'Laziest Akitas Ever'

    Adrian and Ali are both passionate about pet nutrition, especially raw feeding for cats and dogs. In fact, Adrian especially won't shut up about the benefits of giving a good diet to your pets!  Alison holds a Diploma in Canine Nutrition. 

    Name: Jodie Y.
    Pets: 3x Super-Elegant Whippets called Bailey, Axel and Ozzy!

    We're incredibly proud to have Jodie as part of our team. She is hugely knowledgeable about Canine Nutrition, particularly Raw Feeding and Natural Dietary Supplements. Jodie also shows her Whippets with her two children. Jodie is based at our Bowthorpe Shop.

    Name: Kat M.
    Pets: Leroy the very photogenic Bulldog
    Kat joined us in early 2019, and she's become an awesome friend as well as a colleague. Expert in raw feeding and the best treats for your furry friend, Kat is based at our Bowthorpe and Castle Quarter Shops.
    Name: Cheryl 
    Pets: Terriers, Guinea Pigs and Wabbits!
    About: Cheryl has spent over 20 years dedicated to pets, whether that's through her small animal fostering or her specialist consultancy on feeding dogs that have gastrointestinal issues. As such, she is a super-knowledgeable member of our team.
    Name: Charlotte
    Pets: A cat called Bungle, and a black GoldenDoodle called Roxy!
    About: Charlotte studied for her Diploma in Animal Management for 2 years at Easton College. Norfolk born-and-bred, Charlotte has worked in the pet industry since she was 17, so she has a significant wealth of experience. She has also volunteered for a number of Animal Charities. 
    Name: Silvia 'Boo' Pettitt

    Pets: Loki, the Green Cheeked Conure

    Adrian & Ali's daughter is the super-speedy e-commerce division of the business, looking after the website. She's also the 'Boo' in Pettitt & Boo

    Name: Emily

    Pets: Ralphy the Puppy

    Emily joined us after completing her Extended Diploma in Animal Management. Ever-cheerful, Emily has a vast practical knowledge of animal care. Emily is mostly based at the Bowthorpe shop but will often support the team at the other stores too.