What Hay Should I Use?

At Pettitt and Boo we sell a variety of different hay. So, which hay should you buy and why?


Timothy Hay
Timothy Hay is naturally high in fibre (34%) and energy making it easy to digest, but also low in protein and calories to help maintain a healthy weight. Being a thicker, tougher hay it also helps grind down teeth and reduce the chance of dental problems. This hay contains the right balance of vitamins and nutrients for your furry friend making it the most nutritious!
Meadow Hay
Meadow hay contains more leaf and mixed edible plants than any other hay, making it softer and encourages more foraging. However, it contains slightly less fibre than timothy hay meaning it's great to use every now again for forage or comfy bedding.
Excel Feeding Hay
The excel feeding hay is very beneficial with a crude fibre content of 34% with added plants such as marigolds and dandelions. Marigolds help build a healthy immune system. Dandelions are exceptionally beneficial for small animals as they are high in vitamin C and aid urinary tract health. 
Oat Grass
Oat grass is high in fibre and low in calcium. The low calcium content means your small animal can benefit from different sources of calcium, alongside the hay. However, this grass is higher in sugars and fats than most grasses so should be consumed in moderation. Feeding a hay high in sugars and fats will lead to weight gain and most likely health problems, therefore this hay is a tasty treat for your pets.
But what problems can arise if I feed low quality hay?
 Feeding your small animals poor quality hay can lead to many health problems. Small animals can develop respiratory problems if givin a dusty hay therefore getting a good quality hay such as Timothy hay is essential. Feeding a low quality hay can deprive animals from having a good nutrition content which can lead to weight loss, dental diseases and eventually organ failures. Rabbits and guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C so it is crucial to include veg and a good hay and feed in their diet. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help!
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