Otodex Ear Drops for Dogs & Cats 14ml

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    Otodex Ear Drops for dogs and cats is a treatment of ear irritation and otitis externa. Formulated for pets over the age of 12 weeks old, these ear drops contain a fast-acting formula that clears wax, relieves scratching and has a wax solvent to remove wax fungicides and bactericides.

    It is available in a 14ml bottle.

    Key benefits of Otodex Ear Drops:
    - Useful against common and difficult-to-treat bacterium in chronic ear cases
    - Contains a mild analgesic to relieve pain
    - Includes emollient to moisturise the skin
    - Fast-acting formula
    - Kills mites

    Ingredients: A clear colourless solution with a pine odour containing Phenoxyethanol PhEur 1.0% w/w and Chlorbutol PhEur 1.1% w/w in a Propylene Glycol base.

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    Steven Dye
    Works wonders

    Otodex works for my dog with wax build up. Ordered early morning with special delivery and It arrived later that afternoon which was a brilliant.