Nutriment Weaning Paste 500g

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    Made with just one ingredient; chicken carcasses.  Just as in babies you want to introduce plain and simple foods first.  It is grounds to a paste that will have fine bits of bone easy for them to digest. The weaning paste is only intended as a supplement to the mother’s milk. They should be allowed to suckle first then offer the weaning paste.

    We stock this product in low quantities, so may need to special order this in if required. Please contact us to check stock if concerned. 

    Ingredients:  British Chicken with Bone

    Typical Analysis:
    • Moisture: 67.2%
    • Protein: 16.8%
    • Fat: 12.4%
    • Ash (inorganic matter): 3.5%
    • Fibre: 0.4%

    This product does not contain offal.